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But in this era, S-level is nothing at all, even at the division level, there are more powerful levels, but that is not what Yang Fan can know at the moment.

Those who are still single live in a shallow cave like Yang Fan, and those who have a home live in a deep cave that goes straight into the heart of the tree. There is only one person in the village who is an exception, that is, the only one who has the power of magic, who is old and has the most powerful deeds. That is Mu Zu? The third grandpa 。 Although there are hundreds of people in total, there are eight surnames, namely Cen, Yan, Luan, Yue, Mu, Yang, Chai and Sang, which are probably related to mountains, wood and stone, which is also the practice of the mountain people. The rules of living here are almost the same as those in the military camp. You get up early and do morning exercises every day. You are not allowed to be absent on time. Everyone has to work. You are not allowed to cheat and cheat. The work is divided into teams of big guys. When the time comes, someone will naturally tell Yang Fan what to do. Naturally, the things harvested do not belong to themselves, and they have to be turned in. After the things are gathered together, the village head will preside over the food, clothing and use, and distribute them to everyone according to the rules. Generally speaking, it should be like this, but yesterday, two bears were killed in one day, and the food for winter was not only sufficient, but even surplus, so Zhecun had a rare holiday for a few days, so that everyone could pick up and prepare for the next stage of winter preparation in advance. In this way, while watching and talking, it took only ten or twenty minutes for the two of them to arrive at the last scenic spot, Huoju in Zhe Village, which is the tree house where Yang Fan once came to the canteen and the meeting hall. This is the highest point of Zhe Village, which is higher than Tianlao. If you go up more than ten meters, you can see the sky through the trees. If you bounce well enough, you can even jump out of the jungle with one jump. But Yang Fan was told, don't try to do that, jump out of the forest without authorization,drive in racking system, and dig holes in the tree house without authorization, is the second major crime of the mountain people, if committed, no human feelings can be said, light is driven out of the village to run its own course, heavy is directly click.. Do not understand why to make a mountain out of a molehill, Yang Fan with doubts with Mu? Into the fire house 。 The room was big, there were a lot of people, it was noisy, it was bustling, all the sounds, all the sights, but there was only one focus, the orange proton sword. Holding the Proton Sword, Vajra Fist Hoop Yanzang said in high spirits, "See!"! See! This is called the sword of light energy, which is said to be indestructible and unbreakable. But the five-star equipment of Sandu is more expensive than the lava hell card. "Really.." Ture Those who heard it were stunned, and naturally some people stretched out their trembling hands to touch it. Yanzang turned off the light pillar with a sniff. "Don't touch it, don't touch it. If it's broken, you can pay for it.". It's better to work hard. When you break through the regimental level, wire mesh decking ,heavy duty cantilever racks, you will naturally have the right to choose equipment in Shandu. Although I may not be able to get such an excellent product, the equipment of the kind of King Kong's fist hoop is still very cheap! Chapter 4 Rules of Primitive Society [Number of Words in this Chapter: 2421 Last Updated: 2008-09-01 17:21: 43.0] After this period of modesty, Yang Fan also understood that the division of strength in this era was not based on the way of F, E, D, C, B, A and S in the 25th century. Here, they are called platoon, company, battalion, regiment, brigade, division and army in turn, basically according to the military system of the 25th century. But because there were no non-capable people in their time, all of them were capable at birth, so the platoon level was equivalent to the D-level capable people in the 25th century, and so on, the black bear called the brigade level was actually the S-level. But in this era, S-level is nothing at all, even at the division level, there are more powerful levels, but that is not what Yang Fan can know at the moment. Most of what Yanzang said, Yang Fan did not understand, seems to involve a lot of this era's unique way of life and the rules of Zhecun, but there is one thing Yang Fan understood, that is, the proton sword he painstakingly repaired, at this moment seems to belong to Yanzang. This shameless and shameless person! Yang Fan was filled with righteous indignation for a moment. He strode over and pulled down the proton sword. Ren Shiyanzo is two levels higher than Yang Fan. He has no intention to calculate. The Proton Sword still changes hands in an instant. "What for?" Yanzang was caught off guard. When he saw that the person who took it away was Yang Fan, he didn't start to rob it. He stayed in place with a smile on his face. "What's wrong?"? You want it, too? Unfortunately, you are the last person to get it here. With his words, a circle of people cast their eyes on Yang Fan, as if they thought so deeply. This is what I picked up. Why should I give it to you? Do not understand what Yanzang said, Yang Fan clenched the proton sword sidewalk. After listening to Yang Fan's words, the faces of all the people in the room showed the color of doubt, Mu? Also sigh and shake head "I told you just now that all the things I picked up must be handed in, and then the village head will assign the ownership. Have you forgotten?" Yang Fan whispered in his ear. Yes, I really forgot this stubble, and Yang Fan froze for a moment. In times of hardship, it may be the most efficient way to survive by allocating the most elite weapons to the most capable people and relying on the unity and cooperation of the big guys. If we want to integrate into Zhe Village and survive in this era, it is obviously necessary to follow this rule. In fact, Yang Fan would not have been so reckless, but he would not have done so for another person, just because. Because he looked at Iwazo and was angry! "Well, Yang, do you have a problem with my assignment?"? Among the five regiments, the elder doesn't use weapons. Cen Ling and I already have a handy guy, Mu? It's a spear. If this sword is not for Yanzang, will it be for you? Village head Luan Cang put down his bowl and chopsticks to wipe his mouth and said so. If such a distribution, indeed, even according to the head round is not Yang Fan, the whole village is B, only he is C. Of course, if children are included, his ranking can be advanced a few places, and teenagers can almost avoid it. Yanzang arrogantly stretched out his hand, waiting for Yang Fan to return the proton sword, looking at his face, Yang Fan hesitated and did not move. Not only because of anger, his psychological age is comparable to the village chief Luan Cang,mobile racking systems, how can he be unrelenting for this little thing, if he is so full of blood, he will not stay at home and become an otaku. jracking.com


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