End of the world of zombies upgrade system

Are you a man or a zombie? Guo Xiaobei stopped, and strangely, the zombies around him also stopped attacking him. The girl's face is ruddy, her eyes are very smart, and how to look at it is not related to zombies. Who are you? How can you find me?

"There's no time, let's go!" Guo Xiaobei frowned, zombies have been moving, and as the core of the bright spot is also moving, they must use the fastest speed to find him to destroy him. Destroying the people who control the zombies is equivalent to breaking the heart of the zombies, that is, directly slowing down the pressure on the base. At least the zombies won't be directed to attack the city! "Jin Feichen, we will hit the motorcade later, you go to inform the captain, let him delay the time of the explosion, give us a little time, when we destroy the zombie leader to escape from the dangerous area, I will detonate a bomb as a signal." Han Yang did not hesitate to keep up. Xing Yi looked at Jin Feichen, Jin Feichen nodded very firmly, four people did not hesitate to carry things toward the center of the zombie. Jin Feichen, on the other hand, ran in the direction of the captain with his whip. Guo Xiaobei several people quickly left, the remaining few people looked at each other, at a loss. The fat man stamped his foot, "I'm alive and have no relatives, so it's better to rush!" Then he followed him. The others hesitated and did not follow. A second flare was lit. Time is running out for all the bombs to be planted. Guo Xiaobei clenched his teeth and brandished his gun to open the zombies around him. He now has no time,endless swim pool, no energy to kill zombies, he needs a way to reach the rear of the zombie encirclement as soon as possible. Guo Xiaobei four people, together with the fat man who followed him, hacked and killed all the way, and his clothes and face were splashed with blood and meat residue. Strength to see long Xing Kui to take the lead, Guo Xiaobei and Han Yang one left and one right to clean up around, Jin Feichen long whip is responsible for the fish out of the net, and the fat man is in the end,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, with the bat in his hand to explode the zombies who are lucky not to die and jump up again. Forward for a while, from the command car is relatively close, Guo Xiaobei told Jin Feichen to pay attention to safety, and let the fat man rush with her. Parallel movement from here to the command vehicle is still safe, with Jin Feichen's ability, there should be no danger, not to mention a helper. Let Jin Feichen go, is Guo Xiaobei's selfishness, he always feels that the other side makes him uneasy, so can the other side must be set aside. What's more, only the three of them knew about Ye Ling last time. It was inevitable that Han Yang and Xing would trust him, but it was not inevitable for Jin Feichen. Besides, there was a fat man who didn't know anything at all. It was necessary to get rid of them. There were only three people left, and the March became more difficult. Although the closer to the strange zombie, China spa factory ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, the fewer zombies around, but the higher the degree of evolution, so that three people tired to cope with. Soon the three were surrounded by zombies, and the strange zombie was not far away. It's about five minutes before it detonates. We have to hurry! Guo Xiaobei is breathing heavily. Now they are in a race against time and death. You go first, here we come to resist! Han Yang horizontal knife points around the zombies, Guo Xiaobei out of the encirclement, he and Xing Kui are fighting back to back. Guo Xiaobei stood firm, the gap behind him had been filled by the zombies, and the sound of the knife and stick hitting the flesh in the encirclement made people afraid from the heart. Guo Xiaobei tight teeth, pike patted open the zombies rushed over, toward the strange zombies rushed past. Closer look, only to find that the zombie turned out to be a little girl, about seven or eight years old, wearing a pink down jacket. Are you a man or a zombie? Guo Xiaobei stopped, and strangely, the zombies around him also stopped attacking him. The girl's face is ruddy, her eyes are very smart, and how to look at it is not related to zombies. Who are you? How can you find me? The girl rolled her eyes and her voice was very clear. Little sister, where is your father and mother? Aren't you afraid to stay among so many zombies? Guo Xiaobei slowed down his tone. Why should I be afraid? They all listen to me! The girl said proudly, hearing Guo Xiaobei ask her parents, pointing to the zombies, "Mom and Dad are also inside.." Guo Xiaobei's heart missed a beat, and it was another leaf zero? How many people in the world can command zombies like this? 65 Evasion "Then can you tell your brother why you sent them to attack the city?" Guo Xiaobei tried to smile gently. "Why?" The girl dragged her cheeks, "because." Your Highness is there. "Your Highness?" Guo Xiaobei heard the word for the second time. For the first time.. It was Ye Ling, who also called him Your Highness. What does your Highness look like? "Your Highness.." I don't know, all I know is to break the city and your Highness will come out! The girl is stubborn and authentic. Your Highness is coming out? What are you going to do? Guo Xiaobei some anxious, there Han Yang several people are still trying to resist zombies, he really has no time to delay. Will you let these zombies go back? "Not good!" "That.." Guo Xiaobei thought of the purpose of this trip, "will you go with your brother?"? My brother has a beautiful sister over there! Anyway, they are now these bombs, it is impossible to destroy all the zombies, and caught the little girl, everything will be solved. The body and the action are in unison, not even through the command of the brain. Guo Xiaobei hugged the girl's legs and carried her on his shoulders. At this time, I don't care whether the other party is comfortable or uncomfortable. Let go of me, let go of me, you bad man! The girl beat Guo Xiaobei's back with both fists. Although the age is still young, the strength is much bigger than the children of the same age, beating Guo Xiaobei almost vomiting blood. But at this time can not care about anything, time is running out, if he can not take people back, I am afraid that even they are killed in the encirclement. Even if the girl beat harder, Guo Xiaobei clenched his teeth and refused to let go. Such a small girl, he simply can not kill, and she does not look like a zombie. Guo Xiaobei hugged the girl tightly in his left hand and brandished a pike in his right hand to disperse the zombies in front of him. I don't know if it's because the leader fell into the hands of Guo Xiaobei, these zombies attack more or less some scruples, only dare to stop,4 person jacuzzi, but did not kill, and the girl is crying and making trouble on his back. In the case of being attacked from both sides, Guo Xiaobei finally returned to Han Yang and others. monalisa.com


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