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Translated in the vernacular, this is the meaning of giving up. Since ancient times, the fire of burning spirit industry has been handed down to this day

Translated in the vernacular, this is the meaning of giving up. Since ancient times, the fire of burning spirit industry has been handed down to this day, so that the male body of Yang is a furnace tripod, which will never be extinguished. Karmic kindling only recognizes one furnace tripod at a time, and a person can only invite kindling once in his life. Lu Yanqing gave the kindling to Lu Jingfeng, and he could never take it back. Similarly, once the kindling came out of Lu Jingfeng's body, it would be missed forever. The meridians of my whole body are stagnant, and as long as the kindling remains in my body, it will be suppressed and buried. The school can't be carried forward here. It's time to find someone to take over. "What nonsense!" Lu Yanqing broke his iron shoes and finally found a way to rectify the fire in the industry. The disciple who did not live up to expectations said he would not do it without listening? He was so angry that he threw a crutch and poked a hole in the tile floor of Lin Tiangang's house. "You dare to back out for me!"! How old are you and you want to retire?! Lin Guanzhu was frightened by the old man's loud drinking. The teacup in his hand shook. He took a distressed glance at the cracked ground in his house and opened his mouth to persuade him: "Don't get angry, Taoist. Isn't it common for young people to have an uncertain mind?"? If he thinks so today, he may think so again tomorrow. You can tell me what the way is first, and how to help someone like Lin? If the method is feasible, Xiao Feng may turn around and change his mind. He is a little frustrated after a long time. Lu Jingfeng stuffy head does not speak, Lin Jiao stands beside silently to accompany, suddenly stretched out a hand to stroke his back, the meaning is not clear. Lu Jingfeng turned his head to look at him, unexpectedly caught a flash of emotion in his eyes, froze for a moment, and blinked gently. The movement in the living room attracted Mao Ying and Su yuan,heavy duty plastic pallet, both of whom exclaimed when they saw Lu Yanqing. Yo, is Lalang's mate back? Mao Ying muttered, the first time to see her wind brother, Lu Jingfeng did not receive her teasing eyes, silently away from Lin Jiao a little. "Uncle Lu, I was just talking about you, but there's a fairy wind blowing today." Lin's husband and wife, Su yuan and Lu Yanqing's friendship is deeper,mobile garbage bin, not out of the boudoir when they went overseas to take a few risks, but also forget the year. The old man was so angry that he refused to recognize his relatives and snorted as a greeting. The atmosphere is obviously not right, Lin Tiangang gave his wife a wink, Su yuan shrewd, enthusiastically pulled Mao Ying upstairs. The four big men in the hall, old, middle-aged and young, had their own concerns and looked at each other in silence. The first person to break the silence was the youngest Lin Jiao. He pulled Lu Jingfeng to sit down and went straight to the point: "Taoist Yan Qing, the younger generation has little knowledge. I have a question.". Since the problem of convulsion is the stagnation of the meridians of the whole body, isn't it enough to dredge it again? As far as I know, this is not difficult, as long as you find two masters to pour magic power directly and open the acupoints, why bother for so many years? "Of course, it is not difficult to dredge the meridians." Lu Yanqing's eyes penetrated the presbyopic glasses and fell on this talented young man. He smacked his lips, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet manufacturer, and his mouth was easily dry with anger in his chest, so he picked up the teacup to moisten his throat. It's a long story and too lazy to explain. Lu Jingfeng crossed his fingers on his knees and took over the conversation. "It's not difficult for ordinary people, but it's extremely difficult for me.". Because the meridians are not smooth, the karmic fire in my body has long been rushing left and right to find another way out. At this moment, the direction and system have been re-fixed. At this time, if the violence gets through, it will inevitably compete with the karmic fire. The karmic fire has huge energy and amazing destructive power. The result will only be that I will explode and die, and the karmical fire will break through the furnace and be extinguished. "It's really a trouble." Lin Tiangang tilted his body and stroked his long beard. "It's not good to come hard." Lin Jiao frowned, put his index finger and middle finger together to support his temple, and pondered for a moment, "that." Can we concentrate the flowing karmic fire somewhere first, and then put it back after dredging the meridians? "The fire can't leave my body." Lu Jingfeng reminded. Then focus somewhere in the body. Lin is very quick-witted, his hands spread out, "I think the head is good, this organ is not used by you anyway, it's all right if it's burned out." “……” Lu Jingfeng glared at him. It was not good to have the same experience as him in front of the elders. He thought to himself, "Where does this come from? A neuropathy who doesn't guard the door.". Lu Yanqing, however, brightened his eyes and cast a look of approval: "Clever!"! Lao Dao, I have been thinking about it for so long, but I was told by Xiaoyou! If I had known this, I should have come and chatted with you two years earlier. Why did I take so many wrong roads? Lu Jingfeng:? When did these two unite? Brain circuit on a pair, two neuropathy hit it off, Lin Jiao appears to be more active than Lu Jingfeng: "How to implement?" "Drainage." Lu Yanqing uttered two words forcefully. How to lead? "The Baihui point on the top of the head is the place where the three Yang meridians of the hands and feet and the Ren and Du Meridians converge. What we need to do is to let the karmic fire flow to the Baihui point, and then start to dredge the meridians of the whole body." Lin Tiangang strange, "how to let it run to Baihui acupoint?"? Can this fire understand human language? Lu Yanqing coughed, proudly raised his eyebrows, and took out a bag of things from the inside pocket of his suit jacket, wrapped tightly in a black and white checkered handkerchief, which was wrapped in layers of tamper paper. He carefully put the things on the tea table and slowly unfolded them. I stayed in Qingmuchuan, Shaanxi for nearly three months, just for this. Boy, I almost lost half my life trying to get them. Hearing this, Lu Jingfeng crossed his fingers and tightened his lips. Lu Yanqing has always been heartless, do not like to haggle over every ounce, do not like to show off, always report good news and not bad news, this understatement of a sentence, in which the hardships and dangers are self-evident. The amulet was uncovered, and the veil was opened, revealing seven pieces of black iron tied into a pile by a red rope. The nail was as long as the little finger, and even though it was suppressed layer by layer, the whole body was still surrounded by a trace of black gas. The temperature in the room suddenly dropped a few degrees. This is Lin Tiangang originally got close to the front, and when he saw something, he was busy leaning back, "This is not a coffin nail!" "Yes, the coffin nail of the town's five hundred years old corpse." Lu Yanqing did not dare to put this thing for a long time,spill plastic pallet, quickly wrapped it up, "to choose the most evil ghost, it is second to none." 。 cnplasticpallet.com


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