Is Tobacco More Harmful Than Cannabis?

Drug addiction or substance use disorder are one and the same, but are known by different names as the greatest number of substances are found to be originating from the various drugs like they have their base substances as drugs and the related harmful chemicals. Drug Addiction is known a

There are many other names of the cannabis plant such as weed, marijuana, pot, ganja, hashish, charas and many other more. The intake of the cannabis plant in India has been attached through decades with socio-religious beliefs which literally goes back to hundreds of years when the intake of cannabis was not under the scrutiny as it is today. We have also seen there are many stories and cases involved, where high-profile cases have also been recorded, where personalities have been dragged under on having a strong relation of intake with cannabis. The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India have tons of questions related to the story and intake of cannabis, however among them all remains the question of whether it is more harmful than alcohol and tobacco?

If one want to understand the difference between the derivatives of cannabis, they are as follows:

  • Ganja is mainly known as the top fruiting and flowering of the plant where the seeds need to be excluded when not accompanied by the top of the flower.
  • Charas is mainly known as the resin which is separated whether it is in pure form or directly from the cannabis plant where it also includes the real concentration of preparation as it is also known as the liquid hashish.
  • Bhaang is also taken from the same gusto family where mainly during the festivities of Holi and Mahashivratri, with milk mainly ganja and charas are both induced and are taken by people. However, earlier people used to actually go and purchase these from shops until it was termed illegal for sale.

Cannabis mainly has a strong history attached with the Indians where they believe that cannabis has an in-depth cultural, religious and recreational purpose as well. According to the Atharva Veda, cannabis plant is mainly known to be one of the 5 kingdoms of herbs which allows to decrease the distress level in the human body. The Drug Rehabilitation centre in Mumbai thus also states that it is said according to the studies that Marijuana is known to be less addictive and less harmful than the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.

It is said that the human body can binge-drink to death from alcohol whereas one cannot fatally overdose from pot, where the number of deaths due to Marijuana is literally very less. Since these drugs are mainly smokes, it can also bring out the other issues of smoking, such as smoking tobacco which has a link of lung cancer, whereas marijuana does not have any link of lung cancer till date. Many studies have also stated that the consumption of caffeine and alcohol is worse for the human body than the consumption of marijuana or cannabis.

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