Why Are There Night Sweats After the Consumption of Alcohol & Drugs?

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People usually think that sweating heavily is a positive sign of burning calories or at times it is just normal where sweating is known to be one of the important parts of our cooling down system where our sweat glands do work hard especially when we are sleeping. However, at times people find themselves to land up in night sweats where there is heavy sweating. There can be a plethora of reasons such as because of menopause, low blood sugar and fever too which can thus cause the issues of night sweats, wherein people have went ahead and have also used types of medicines where steroids and antidepressants are also used at times. However, the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbaiand the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai state that night sweats are actually very unpleasant but at times they are considered to be harmless. But the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai thus specifies that alcohol consumption with alcohol binge drinking can make things worse at times.

If an individual is completely dependent on alcohol and suddenly starts withdrawing it then night sweats are gonna be one of the most common symptoms where frequent night sweat occurrence is going to take place. It is because as the alcohol directly affects the central nervous system of our body and also the circulatory system of our body then it thus visits each part of our body which can also have the tendency of increasing the heart rate and goes ahead widening the blood vessels inside your skin which can thus pressurises the perspiration inside the body.

However, usually a small amount of alcohol is majorly broken down the stomach lining where the liver that metabolises it, however the alcohol consumed is further broken down by the byproducts present inside our whole body. Thus, if one is having night sweats then they are either regular drinkers or they have not at all consumed alcohol for a long period of time. Thus these withdrawal symptoms can be seen after a few hours from your last drink and the symptoms may thus take several weeks at the most after it completely disappeared. Some of the symptoms of night sweats can be either completely sweating or even getting clammy skin at times which can also make you feel anxious with hot flashes and mood swings with a sulking mood activity.

As the body loses a lot of water because of sweating, it is therefore important for one to replenish their fluids by drinking a ton of water, where individuals can rinse their skin to remove excess salt caused from the dried sweat, always change your sheets before you go back to bed, keep the bedroom temperature very comfortable and also avoid the use of heavy blankets at night to avoid night sweats.

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